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  • Mission Critical

      MISSION CRITICAL By Tina Olivero The mission of your business is not what you think.  It’s not that thing you hang on the wall or the thing that everyone tries to attain in your company. It’s not a virtue or a set of operating principals. Nope, that’s not the mission at all. In fact [...]

    February 27, 2014 Read Entry
  • Testimonials from People who love TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING & COACHING

    If there is one thing I can say about this course – life changing! I believe in it so much that I got involved in it. TT has truly changed my life. Everything is more focused, calmer. What I want in life is clear and I’m simply going after it. No BS, no listening to [...]

    July 10, 2013 Read Entry
  • UP your game!

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re just passing time, punching the clock or going through the motions?  Did you feel like something just wasn’t quite right?  Perhaps you were missing a deep sense of passion, or a spark of energy or a vitality for life itself? That happens.  It happens to [...]

    July 8, 2013 Read Entry
  • What is THE EGO?

      What is the Ego?  It’s a really great question. The earliest definitions of the ego date back to when we lived in survival, hunting and gathering days.  It was said that the ego was a protection mechanism that kept us alive in times of danger and confrontation.  It was the ego that would protect [...]

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  • Is that DECISION in alignment with your virtues, values and vision?

    Making a decision can be a daunting process for so many people.  We spend a lot of time sweating over the possible outcomes.  What if we fail?  What if things don’t  go exactly as planned.  What if we don’t have enough time or money? What if it’s too much work?  What if I have to [...]

    July 3, 2013 Read Entry

      QUESTIONS:  Those amazing things that take us to new places, new things, new people and new results.  Stay in the inquiry of life and allow your questions to be the the journey itself.  When we stay in the questions…we never have dead ends.  When we stay in the questions we always have somewhere to [...]

    June 30, 2013 Read Entry
  • INTEGRITY – One word that can make or break your life!

      WHAT IS INTEGRITY? Some people think integrity is a value.  Some people think it’s a way of acting that concerns care for yourself and others.  Some people believe its a willingness to commit.  Some believe it is a virtue.  Some people believe it is a way of operating in life that holds true to [...]

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  • When the SHIFT hits the fan!

    Ever feel like everything is crumbling down around you?  Nothing seems to be working as you’d like?  There’s a lot money issues, relationship problems, people at work are bugging you, things seem overwhelming and there’s an endless list of obstacles in your way? You’re not the only one! In fact just about every day someone [...]

    June 28, 2013 Read Entry
  • Everything gets created and resolved in communication

    Business success is directly proportionate to communication success. Most people don’t stop long enough to realize it, but from the time you start your work day, to the time you leave work, you are communicating in some way. You might be speaking, writing, designing, sharing ideas, executing structures, making new plans, connecting with team members, [...]

    March 19, 2013 Read Entry
  • Being RESOURCEFUL and being RELATED

    How many companies have a Department of Human Resources? What does that really mean anyway – does it mean that this department is responsible for human resources – resources necessary to build a company… and they happen to be human? Where is the human element in that description, “Human Resources”? People aren’t resources… they are people! People [...]

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