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      QUESTIONS:  Those amazing things that take us to new places, new things, new people and new results.  Stay in the inquiry of life and allow your questions to be the the journey itself.  When we stay in the questions…we never have dead ends.  When we stay in the questions we always have somewhere to [...]

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  • INTEGRITY – One word that can make or break your life!

      WHAT IS INTEGRITY? Some people think integrity is a value.  Some people think it’s a way of acting that concerns care for yourself and others.  Some people believe its a willingness to commit.  Some believe it is a virtue.  Some people believe it is a way of operating in life that holds true to [...]

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  • When the SHIFT hits the fan!

    Ever feel like everything is crumbling down around you?  Nothing seems to be working as you’d like?  There’s a lot money issues, relationship problems, people at work are bugging you, things seem overwhelming and there’s an endless list of obstacles in your way? You’re not the only one! In fact just about every day someone [...]

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  • How do you reach your true potential?

    Now that’s a big question! Here’s the not-so-big answer: you go where you wouldn’t go before. Reaching your true potential is the action of facing your fears and moving to a new threshold. You move in empowering ways rather than moving in disempowering directions. Empowering ways create an empowered self. Creating an empowered self, is [...]

    March 18, 2013 Read Entry
  • Two Life Transforming Questions

    You can only transform an emotion by experiencing the emotion that you wish to transform. If you DENY the emotion, or PROJECT the emotion onto another person, or if you EAT to numb the emotion, or if you DRINK to hide the emotion, or if you SMOKE to avoid the emotion, or if you use [...]

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