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  • Everything gets created and resolved in communication

    Business success is directly proportionate to communication success. Most people don’t stop long enough to realize it, but from the time you start your work day, to the time you leave work, you are communicating in some way. You might be speaking, writing, designing, sharing ideas, executing structures, making new plans, connecting with team members, [...]

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  • Being RESOURCEFUL and being RELATED

    How many companies have a Department of Human Resources? What does that really mean anyway – does it mean that this department is responsible for human resources – resources necessary to build a company… and they happen to be human? Where is the human element in that description, “Human Resources”? People aren’t resources… they are people! People [...]

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  • How do you reach your true potential?

    Now that’s a big question! Here’s the not-so-big answer: you go where you wouldn’t go before. Reaching your true potential is the action of facing your fears and moving to a new threshold. You move in empowering ways rather than moving in disempowering directions. Empowering ways create an empowered self. Creating an empowered self, is [...]

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  • Two Life Transforming Questions

    You can only transform an emotion by experiencing the emotion that you wish to transform. If you DENY the emotion, or PROJECT the emotion onto another person, or if you EAT to numb the emotion, or if you DRINK to hide the emotion, or if you SMOKE to avoid the emotion, or if you use [...]

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