Mission Critical



By Tina Olivero

The mission of your business is not what you think.  It’s not that thing you hang on the wall or the thing that everyone tries to attain in your company. It’s not a virtue or a set of operating principals.

Nope, that’s not the mission at all. In fact nothing could be more detrimental to your company than to reduce a mission to a written contract of a set of company behaviours.

The mission is something much greater than that.  Rather than your virtues and the way you operate – the mission has all it’s power when it is designed around this principal:

“The EXPERIENCE you leave people with”.

Sorry to be blunt but, nobody really cares how you operate or what makes your product or services work.

In order to succeed in business you have to be fully immersed in your clients world. You have to think, talk and act from THIER VANTAGE POINT.  You have to deliver products and services from their needs and desires.  Clients want to be left with an “experience” of your product or service.

For example, Disney’s mission is, “we make people happy”.  And they do indeed.  From every piece of marketing material, video, the park, the rides, the restaurants, and the team at Disney – all “make people happy”.  Making people happy doesn’t just happen by accident.  It’s designed into the architecture of the company.

At Disney, when hiring if that person doesn’t have the ability to “make people happy” then there’s not a chance that they will be hired.  Every single intricate detail of the company is specifically designed around the mission – making people happy.  They even have a Disney school that teaches and delivers the mission.

What’s your mission?

Is it clearly defined?

What experience do you leave your clients with?

Is it the same experience every time in everything you do?

Does your team deliver the mission with precision?

The mission is critical.  It decides EVERYTHING you do, from the product choices you offer to the suite of services you provide.   The mission is designed into the fabric of your company.  It is the foundation of your company culture.  Everyone lives and breathes the mission each day.  It’s top of mind for every growth choice, hiring choice and expansion choice.  Without it, we flounder.

How do you choose your mission?

As the publisher of The OGM for the last 23 years, I’ve had the privilege of growing a magazine from a 20 page flyer to now a world class multimedia energy platform. Our mission, while we never advertised it or even spoke about it outside the company was to deliver “THE WOW FACTOR”.  So the wow factor became our operating stance.  We leave people with “the experience of the wow factor”. You can see it in our products, our articles, our companies and our global circulation.  It’s the weaved into every conversation, meeting, event and strategy we have.

So choosing your mission takes some time.  It means having a clear vision for your business and knowing in your heart and soul what experience you want to leave people with.

Take time to have a team meeting.  Discuss your mission.  Keep it private and let it ooze into everything you think, say, do and touch.  In very short order you will transform your company into an “experience” making machine. Your mission will be delivered and you will achieve your goals and objectives much faster. That’s a promise!

I have a coaching and training business, TransformWithTina.com.  This business has a mission to leave people with the experience that they “GOT IT”.  It’s full of insight, aha moments and clarity that when people “get it” it advances them to success.  Much like the mission of the article you are reading right now.  It’s the mission that makes it what it is. An article that becomes an experience for you.  At the end of this article you will go, “Oh right, that makes so much sense, “GOT IT”!

Tina Olivero is a coach and seminar leader specializing in Newfoundland Business Success for Women.  With two successful companies she supports many others to do the same. Find Tina at www.TransformWithTina.com or  connect@transformwithtina.com











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