When the SHIFT hits the fan!


Ever feel like everything is crumbling down around you?  Nothing seems to be working as you’d like?  There’s a lot money issues, relationship problems, people at work are bugging you, things seem overwhelming and there’s an endless list of obstacles in your way?

You’re not the only one!

In fact just about every day someone has a money issue concern, a relationship concern, a co-worker concern, a family problem or an overwhelming challenge to contend with. To be a human being is to have issues that require solutions.

So, if we have issues every day,  then how come we get snarly, act insulted or rejected, and often feel powerless in the face of our issues?  Why do we respond like this issue is the first time it’s ever happened to us?  Why are we so damned surprised – like this should never be happening to “us”?

The answer is CONTEXT!  Yes, context.  Context in the way that we hold that issue or problem.  The context that that issue has in our lives and it’s relativity to other things causes all the heart ache, drama and suffering.

The reality is we have issues every day.  And we get through them.  How do we know that?  Well you’re here aren’t you?  You’ve solved a zillion issues and challenges so far right?  And….you’re about to do it again.  In fact, every time there is an issue in your life…who’s always the person there….yes….you!  And every time your issues get solved, who’s always the person there?  Yes, you!

Issues and challenges cause us to suffer because we look at them like issues and daunting problems.  We believe in that moment that they have more power over us, than we have over them.  But it’s not true!

What if we changed the context of our issues and saw them as a part of life that gave us the opportunity to solve things, grow, be creative, find answers, discover, invent, and find outrageous out of the ordinary solutions!  That …could even be fun, right?

So problems have a CONTEXT.  When the context is bad, wrong or we don’t want it…it causes suffering.  When the context is turned around into another view…we gain insight, growth, momentum and solutions.

Let’s face it, this is the LEARNING PLANET.  Nobody takes the ride of life without issues, challenges and great problems to solve. In the interest of being powerful with our problems, lets call them growth opportunities and when it’s all going to shit, lets turn it into SHIFT!  Ok how do we do that?

Let’s take money issues as an example.  If you keep having the same money issues over and over, then likely the “SHIFT” is knocking to come in!  Repeating patterns are a sign….IT”S TIME TO ANSWER THE DOOR!

When you answer the door of new opportunity, look at it from many views.  Is this door a new avenue?  Is it a new opportunity?  Is there a partnership opportunity here?  How about an alliance?  How about a new coach or mentor needed?  How about a finance solution from a banker?  How about a meditation trip that takes you to a whole other view point?  How about a good chat with a mentor?  How about a mind map?  How about a focus group?  How about a team solution meeting? How about a great BRAINSTORMING SESSION to sift through all the possibilities.

Your issues and problems show up for a reason.  They call you to be bigger, to think bigger and to act bigger than you ever have before.  They request a sense of intuition, creativity and vision, to come into play.  They often force you to face your fears and get off the comfy chair.  They push you into greatness and they often require blind faith.

Did you ever notice that when you are taking definitive action and you’re getting new results it’s really fun!  Did you notice that when you play a big game, you may make a few mistakes along the way but it’s super exciting?  Did you ever notice that people in general are blaze and boring doing the same old stuff and super passionate when they are out there on the edge of their game?  Why is that?

It’s because life is about solving problems, playing bigger games and creating a whole new set of results.  When that’s the context for your issues, that’s when SHIFT HAPPENS.  In the process of creative problem solving, you get wildly excited, you get moved by passion and you get momentum in your results.  Issues are your portal to greatness.  So all I can say is….LET THE SHIFT HIT THE FAN!

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