QUESTIONS:  Those amazing things that take us to new places, new things, new people and new results.  Stay in the inquiry of life and allow your questions to be the the journey itself.  When we stay in the questions…we never have dead ends.  When we stay in the questions we always have somewhere to go.  When we stay in the questions, we have an amazing journey to take.

Here’s some life altering questions that promise to take you down roads you have never gone.  Discover new aspects of yourself and support you in your journey of personal and professional mastery.  Use these questions to: Solve a problem; Get to a new level of awareness; Gain insight; Move in a new direction;  Grow;  Contribute; Connect; Create; and Generate yourself.

  1. What is my purpose?
  2. Why am I here?
  3. How have I grown because of this?
  4. What needs to be transformed?
  5. How may I serve?
  6. What did I learn?
  7. Who else will benefit  from this?
  8. What am I grateful for?
  9. What makes me truly happy?
  10. What are my priorities?
  11. Is this a lesson or is it self judgement?
  12. Does this view of things,  empower me or disempower me?
  13. What’s my most powerful solution here?
  14. On a scale of 1 – 10 how honest have I been with myself about this?
  15. From an “observation” perspective, what do I observe?
  16. What’s the ultimate desire here?
  17. What needs do I want to meet here?
  18. What’s in the way?
  19. What’s stopping me?
  20. What’s my focus and energy on – solution or problem?
  21. Who can I talk to that would create a higher level of understanding here?
  22. Where am I trying to look good and be right?
  23. Is this giving me energy or draining my energy?
  24. What will really make the biggest difference here?
  25. For what purpose did I manifest this problem?
  26. Who else is this hurting?  What’s the impact on others?
  27. What does my intuition tell you about this?
  28. Do you have a gut feeling about this?
  29. Is this a repeated pattern that I need to be clear about?
  30. Everything is possible so where to from here?
  31. What’s the way of BEING that will make a difference?
  32. What am I doing about it?
  33. If I changed your belief about this, what would be possible?
  34. Is this a decision or a reaction?
  35. Will this choice move me forward or keep me stuck?
  36. What’s the first step?
  37. What’s the worst that can happen if I fail?
  38. What’s next?  And what’s next after that?
  39. What will you have to give up in order to make room for this?
  40. How would your life be transformed if I changed this right now?
  41. If you don’t change this, what will it cost be for my life and others?
  42. Am I acting from fear, from passion, from love, or from faith?
  43. What am I pretending not to know?
  44. How could you have this conversation so it empowers everyone concerned?
  45. What might make the difference that could change everything?
  46. If I approached this with courage and creativity how could my outcome change?
  47. Am I procrastinating or is there a reason to delay?
  48. What’s the cost of not having it?
  49. Which step could I take that would make the biggest difference, right now?
  50. How can I meet my needs and the needs of others here?
  51. What’s the freeing thing to do?
  52. What is my self expression in this?
  53. If I achieve this goal, will it bring lasting fulfillment or temporary pleasure?
  54. How can I learn from this problem so it never happens again?
  55. What’s the shortest path with the highest return?
  56. Am I ready?
  57. How can I create more value with less effort?
  58. What am I willing to do to improve this situation?
  59. What am I willing to stop doing to improve this situation?
  60. How can really have fun with the process of solving this problem?
  61. What’s great about this?
  62. What am I truly willing to commit to here?
  63. Do I need to work harder or delegate this?
  64. If this weakness were also a strength, what would that be?
  65. How can I use this so it becomes a benefit?
  66. Am I fully on the court, in the game?
  67. Are you angry or are you hurt?
  68. Who can help me with this?
  69. Does my current environment fully support this?
  70. What do you need in order to succeed here?
  71. What plan do I need in order to achieve our new goals?
  72. Do I love myself enough to make this happen?
  73. Who do you need to become in order to succeed here?
  74. What am I responsible for in this?
  75. How did I create this?
  76. What needs to be said, that hasn’t yet been said?
  77. What needs to come into alignment to make this work?
  78. Is this truly an ambition or is a simple want?
  79. Where are my teachers in this?
  80. Where will I find my inspiration for this?
  81. What is the path and the plan?
  82. What is the spiritual solution here?
  83. How can I evolve from this?
  84. Why do it?
  85. Who is a good mentor for this matter?
  86. Who do I need to be, to make this happen?
  87. What do I need to put in that will make a difference?
  88. What’s the key ingredient to put in?
  89. What’s the best possible solution here?
  90. How have I changed the world for generations to come?
  91. What is my heart’s desire here?
  92. What’s my soul’s expression in all of this?
  93. Will this be a contribution to others?
  94. How may I serve?
  95. What’s on the other side of the challenge?
  96. Will this support my personal self actualization?
  97. What is the kind thing to do?
  98. How do I become?
  99. What is in alignment with source, the creator, and mother nature?
  100. What is my will?

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