Is that DECISION in alignment with your virtues, values and vision?


Making a decision can be a daunting process for so many people.  We spend a lot of time sweating over the possible outcomes.  What if we fail?  What if things don’t  go exactly as planned.  What if we don’t have enough time or money? What if it’s too much work?  What if I have to do more?  What if it interrupts my current life? What if it doesn’t go my way?  What if I get trapped in it?  What if, what if, what if….

And what’s worse than all that anxiety of making a decision, is that we put all our “so called past failures” and bad experiences into that mix and heap it all into a pile of worry and stress about the future.  We do this believing that we are making a true decision.  That we are acting with all things considered.  But are we?    What would happen if we had no bad memories of the past?  Would that influence our decisions?  Would it create clarity?   More freedom in choice?  What would happen if our fears of the future were not in the picture?  That’s right when you heap the past experiences and the future fears into the equation, there’s really no place to make a TRUE decision. Rather it’s a decision with a bunch of unsubstantiated concerns.

I’d like to take the anxiety right out of decision making and reduce the levels of stress, drama and suffering associated with the crossroads of decision.

Here’s a few points to consider that can support your decisions:

1.  First distinguish what your CONCERNS are.  Write them down.  Once articulated ask yourself is this a legitimate concern or a manufactured concern from past experiences and future anxieties   If you’re not sure, share with a coach or friend or mentor.  Outsiders can assist. Once you have your legitimate concerns list ask yourself which direction to go from that vantage point.

2.  Take five minutes to go to the very end.  Envision what would happen if you didn’t make it and it failed.  Would you die?   Would you’re ego be wounded?   Or would you simply move on an do something else?  Yes that’s right, it’s never the actual event thats the issue its usually an egoic issue having to do with “looking good and not failing”, or producing an uncomfortable outcome, or having to deal with the fall out of it not working.  Once you reconcile with it and realize…you’d simply go do something else, it’s power dissipates and you can more easily and quickly make your decision and move into action.

3. Consider the following when making  your decision:
a. Is this in alignment with my goal?
b.  Does this fit into my picture of personal values and virtues?
c.  Does this allow me to be creative, grow and be a contribution?
d. Will this further me in a way that is in alignment with who I am?
e.  Will taking this path mean a fun, interesting and exciting journey to unfold?

We can agonize about the decisions we make in life or we can take 10 minutes and go through the process of looking and learning about ourselves.  It doesn’t have to take long but it’s a “considerate approach” that ensures your decision is in alignment with your vision, virtues and values.  When decisions are in alignment with our vision, virtues and values, no matter the outcome the journey is awesome and things tend to work out as it’s in alignment with your highest energy!


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