UP your game!


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re just passing time, punching the clock or going through the motions?  Did you feel like something just wasn’t quite right?  Perhaps you were missing a deep sense of passion, or a spark of energy or a vitality for life itself?

That happens.  It happens to us all.  It happens when we’ve plateaued on the learning front and we are not in alignment with our passion.

So how do you get from powerless to powerful?  How do you shift from a lack of passion for wildly on purpose?  How do you work and live in ways that truly inspire you?

Here’s the answer….You go where you wouldn’t go before.

Ask yourself, “is this work in alignment with my joy?”.  ”If I wasn’t doing this what would I be doing?”  Or maybe it’s the right place for your passion but it’s gotten stale because the game you’re playing is not big enough.

Everyone loves to take an adventure and working on what you love also has to be an adventure.  It has to motivate you, push you beyond your comfort zone, have you go to places you’ve never gone, expand your thinking, support your vision and goals in ways that allow you to make a difference and be a contribution to others.

Think about it.  The times you’re most exhilarated in life is when you’re doing something beyond your current world.  Something that brings you to new places.  Travelling, skiing down the black diamond run, having authentic and very deep talks, taking a spiritual adventure, going for a degree, reshaping your body into a masterpiece, writing  your most daring piece, pushing the envelope on what’s possible, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, climbing Mt. Everest, doing a wild and amazing piece of art, visiting the lost cities, inventing something, designing a whole new process that works better than anything we’ve ever used, creating unprecedented connection with others, being a contribution to the masses, and so on.

Get the picture?

Until you’re out there on the court, playing full out….life…is lifeless.  But as soon as you’re up for a massive game and you’re playing to win, and that game expands you, teaches you, shifts you from good to great, brings in a whole new level of performance, then and only then do things get wildly exciting.

So what’s your game?  What’s the game that would have you on fire?  Where’s the thrill?  Where’s the place that has you so on purpose that time stands still?  Wheres the place you call “FUN”?  Where’s the place that makes you’re heart beat faster and want to jump out of bed in the morning because you can’t wait to get at it?

Find it, and go there….  If’ you’ve found it and you don’t have the WOW factor ….UP YOUR GAME!


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