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If there is one thing I can say about this course – life changing!

I believe in it so much that I got involved in it.
TT has truly changed my life. Everything is more focused, calmer.
What I want in life is clear and I’m simply going after it.
No BS, no listening to the “voices” that say you can’t, no more playing SMALL, afraid to play a great big game!

What is TT? Well, I had no idea. I didn’t read the secret. I had absolutely no self awareness and played the “blame” game really well. Everything that was happening TO me; I certainly wasn’t to blame that I was a workaholic.

When Tina told me to come, my initial reaction was “2 days????!!!I don’t have 2 minutes to spare! AND I am not going to sit in on a crunchy granola, group hugging, koom-bya session”. Oh lord.

Now, I laugh when I think of that reaction. My entire life has changed so dramatically since TT. I am not perfect. I have plenty of bad days, but I learn how I can easily get over things and move on. I am organized. I spend more time with family and friends. I am more present in my life. My business is straightening out and while it’s very busy, it’s productive busy now.

My realization was “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”. We truly can be masters of our own destiny… taking TT will help you discover anything you want – career, relationship, money issues, weight issues? You can TRANSFORM these things through TT.

Don’t wait. Get registered. It will change your life!

Tonya Whittle



December 23, 2010

“Tina Olivero offers a fresh approach to transformation.  Having schooled for years in both Personal and Professional Mastery, Tina finds various ways in which to help us move forward.  Her work focuses on the individual as a whole and reinforces for us that who we “are” every day is reflected by our outlook and by our actions.  This is never reflected more than in business.”

“As the owner of AbbyShot Clothiers, we have learned much from Tina Olivero, and have used these teachings in the most positive way to move our company forward.  Our staff have all taken part in Tina’s Transformational Training courses over the past couple of years and have become more aware of their own power to effect change.  Private corporate sessions with Tina continue to help all of us shift and look at our roles differently both within the workplace and in our lives.  This year AbbyShot was awarded both regional and national awards for innovation!  The culture of the company has become consolidated as we all work together toward realizing the Abby Shot vision.  Each of us bringing to the table the best version of ourselves, versions made that much stronger and more self-realized due to Tina’s amazing teaching.  She has taught us all to be leaders in our own lives.  Thank you so much Tina!”

Bonnie Edgecome Cook
CEO, AbbyShot Clothiers



Tina, you are an awesome coach – you coach me in an amazing way.  As I work with you I get insights, you are magical, you bring out hidden things that are important to become apparent, you unveil, you reveal. Then you organize my thoughts so that I can see what’s going on, as clearly as you do. You are a very talented wise woman. I admire you Tina. And I am hugely grateful and blessed to have you in my life. Thank you!


Shulamit Lando, Certified Life-Coach - Life-Coaching for improvement/empowerment - Medical Coaching - Coaching out of crisis situations -Coaching for Loss and Grief - Tel: 054-4868739




I have been on a journey of becoming responsible for myself and my life for some time.  After a life of confusion, hurt and blame, I made a decision to find out why I felt the way I did.  A part of that journey has been to attend several Transformational Training(TT) sessions with Tina Olivero.  They have been powerful sources of insight and clarity.  TT has  left me with the assurance that I’m on the right track with my plan for self-sufficiency, self-assurance and self-worth, yet helping me to be a less selfish individual.  TT has given me that push I needed to commit more fully to my dream.  It has brought clarity to my jumbled thoughts and feelings by helping me find the core of some things that hold me back.  It has reinforced where I need to make the necessary changes to make me a self-assured, energetic, kinder individual.  There’s no more second guessing!!

Trudy Veitch (your regular, everyday retired joe).. lol  Now a Photographer, Watercolourist, World Traveller!



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